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  • Where elements meet, magic happens

  • Where elements meet, magic happens

Fish ornament

  • €12,00

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The Fish ornament is a handmade little sculpture. The ornament has a good size for the Christmas tree, but can be used for decoration all year round. 

The Fish

The fish is linked in symbolism with the unconscious, the maternal and the life-giving, but it also has a touch of the uncanny.

Scientifically, we humans and other vertebrates evolved from fish. Symbolically, the fish represents rebirth in many cultures. Among early Christians the fish was adopted as a secret sign in which they could recognize each other, and it became the symbol of Jesus and his followers .

Details: Handmade ceramic with metallic glaze. 9 cm 

All Fish are individually numbered.

Every handmade ceramic piece is truly one-of-a-kind

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