Babette uit Babylon keramiek


In her atelier in The Hague, Monica Nielsen is creating ceramic tableware under the name Babette uit Babylon Keramiek. Everything is handmade and only in small batches. Therefore you will often find new pieces on the shelves as they come out of the kiln.

Each product is crafted from stoneware clay with glazes that interact with the clay to give it a natural finish. Most pieces are made on the potter’s wheel, afterward trimmed and often carved with decorations. Products which are not round, like the oval vases, are formed from a slab of clay and built up by hand. All items are fired twice, a so-called bisque firing followed by a glaze firing.

Slowness and thoroughness are virtue in the atelier on Laan van Meerdervoort. The philosophy is rooted in the luxury of the private moment where the interaction between texture and shape gives a touch of joy.